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Hoppecke batteries:

We invite you to learn more about the Hoppecke company and its products.
Hoppeckes energy for your success: To ensure the continuing success of Hoppecke customers in the future, HOPPECKE has specialised in the development of new technology and services for the storage of energy. Today Hoppecke is the largest manufacturer of industrial batteries, systems and chargers in European ownership.

Since 1927 Hoppecke has been developing and producing energy storage systems to German Quality Standard with the claim of standard quality worldwide. To date, many of their developments have led the way in the market for industrial batteries.

Hoppeckes comprehensive range of storage batteries is complemented by the very latest charging methods and monitoring units to form complete systems. With this systems approach it is our aim, as a value-based, independent family enterprise, to continue our growth in the market for industrial battery systems, in terms of both quantity and quality.

The growing use of regenerative energy and the switch to emission-free drives increase the importance of rechargeable energy stores. HOPPECKE are developing marketable concepts for the future, thereby making an important contribution to solving some of the challenges faced by modern society in its efforts to combat global warming.

As a leading supplier of systems for energy services Hoppecke offer their customers a choice between the purchase of a battery system, full service models or an energy service with variable charges.