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2G Energy AG

As of 2007, 2G Energietechnik GmbH, founded in 1995, has been listed as a publicly traded company on the Entry Standard of the German Stock Exchange. While during the time of the IPO, with the original name of "2G Bio-Energietechnik AG”, the main focus stayed on the role as manufacturer of biogas cogeneration plants, the strategic position has increasingly changed since then. To aid both, the increasing international demands of the company's needs and additional focus be placed on the growing natural gas sector, the company changed its name in the summer of 2011 to 2G Energy AG.

The Company's product portfolio includes systems with an electrical capacity between 20 kW and 2,000 kW for the operation with natural gas, biogas or bio methane. So far, 2G was able to successfully install more than 4,000 modules in 25 countries. 2G serves a wide range of customers from farmers to industrial clients, municipalities, real estate industry up to big utility companies. The high level of customer satisfaction is founded on the close-knit service network as well as the high technical quality and performance of 2G power stations.

Thanks to the combined heat and power performance they achieve an overall degree of efficiency between 85 percent and well above 90 percent. To further enlarge the technologically leadership the Company continuously invests in its R&D activities.

Today 2G is the biggest indipendend manufacturer of Gas Generators in Europe.