Gas generators, thermal power stations, solar power systems and wind turbines for energy production are top quality, sensitive high-tech products that are subject to extremely high stress.

Wherever technology is used it may result in faults as this is the normal course of things and totally natural.

These may have a whole variety of causes. Whether it be difficult local conditions, such as extreme temperatures or salty air, or due to material faults, they generally all have a negative effect on the product's function.

The question is simply how to deal with it. And this is how our understanding of service differs to that of other companies.

Online monitoring, which monitors the basic functions of technical systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week, is the basic prerequisite for ensuring that technical products work.

However, our service philosophy is also based on the permanently reliable operation of technical systems having to be guaranteed in the long-term.

Therefore safe and professional maintenance is essential and necessary.

Service costs! Service has to cost something as good service is very complex and requires a professional service team.

Our qualified service teams receive continuous professional development.

Using the latest knowledge we carry out professional maintenance at regular set maintenance intervals, which ensure that top quality technical systems run permanently smoothly and retain their value.

This is the only way to ensure the consistently efficient operation of high quality products and prevent system failure.

The breadth of our flexibly designed services levels is geared towards our customers' specific requirements and needs.

Customers themselves decide whether they choose a short or long-term maintenance agreement. Our customers have the choice between "Low Maintenance" to safeguard warranty claims to "Full Service" where, besides monitoring the function, wear parts, such as spark plugs, pistons, transmissions and similar, and even operating materials like oils, are replaced.