The perferct system

Creme de la creme system 

Pic. 4 displays the creme de la creme system to provide an uninterrupted power supply.

It is a combination of

  • a backup system,
  • a PV-system and
  • an auxiliary power generator. 

Whenever during blackout the accupack gets discharged to a certain level, the auxiliary power generator automatically starts. It recharges the accupack in order

  • to provide unlimited backup power during longer blackouts and
  • to protect the lifetime of the accupack

If you need a power supply guaranteeing the best possible , the greatest possible freedom from interruption

guaranteed, so you've found the perfect Pic.4 system.

It is a combination of battery backup, PV system and an auxiliary generator which automatically supplies in case of excessive discharge (long blackout) starts and the energy necessary for you.

Many inverters have an automatic starting device to protect the battery from deep discharge bank. The generator used it necessarily needs an electric starter which has a separate contact and start a starter battery.

Once the generator is started, it provides your consumers with electric power and the battery bank with charge current. When the battery is fully charged then again, the inverter switches off the generator and provides your consumers back from the battery bank.