Gas generator systems

The Heart of supplying Electricity with Gas Generators are the Gas Generators itself. These Systems can be used economically for applications from smaller hotels or Companies with just some hundred KW to large installations like Factories, Cities or even States.

There are strong arguments to use Gas Generators to provide Electricity supply within Nigeria:

“Unlimited” Natural gas availability

  • Natural gas belongs to Nigeria’s own resources.Today the natural gas pipeline system is in a severe expansion process:

 Today there is a sufficient supply system more in the coastal areas, but according to the

Nigerian Gas Master Plan

Nigeria is willing to provide natural gas as well into more central areas of the country.

  • It is not only highly available in more and more regions of Nigeria, but as well easy to deliver as CNG (compressed natural gas) to customers by using CNG trailers. There is no supply shortage to be expected as of today.
  • The price of natural gas is compared to diesel very cheap:
    • One liter diesel contains 10 kWh energy and costs about 165 NRN.
    • One cubic meter of natural gas contains as well 10 kWh energy, but only costs between 35 and 40 NRN with pipeline access. If you need a CNG supply, the price is about 75 - 80 NRN per m³.

Outstanding Efficiency

On Top of the Price Advantage Gas Generators are as well Outstanding due to their Efficiency:

  • Gas Generators work with achieve an electrical efficiency between 37% and 43%; i.e. out of one m³ natural gas (10kWh total Energy). Gas Generators provide between 3,7 and 4,3 kWh electricity.
  • Diesel Generators run on a much worse Efficiency as most of the Engines don’t operate within their best Range. Their electrical Efficiency Ranges between 20% and 40%; i.e. out of one liter Diesel (10kWh). A Diesel Generator provides between 2 and 4 kWh Electricity. 

So a Gas Generator provides for 40 NRN (1m³ gas) about 4 kWh = 10 NRN/kWh;

a Diesel Ggenerator provides for 165 NRN (1l diesel) about 3 kWh = 55 NRN/kWh.

Incomparable Reliability

The “Made in Germany” Gas Generators we provide to Nigeria are outstanding regarding their Reliability. The Reason for this fact is the usage of gas generators in Germany mainly within biomass installations (see biomass power).

If a biogas engine shuts down due to damage, the biogas has to be flared away which is not affordable. Imagine your diesel shuts down and still consumes diesel for weeks!

Therefore the German Gas Engine Manufacturers have designed Gas Generators with an extreme high Reliability. They Achieve this by High Quality Components and a highly sophisticated System of Maintenance for the Engines including Telemonitoring all Engine Parameters from Germany.

So these Engines run 24/7, any Maintenance Shutdowns can be scheduled during low demand times to avoid your well known Blackouts.

This Strategy is called “Care before Repair”.

From 8,760 hours per year most Gas Generators in Germany run between 8,400 and 8,600 hours.