Equipment we install

Equipment we install:

Quality of the equipment gets determined not just by its design, but by its reliability and lifetime.

Whether you talk about PV modules, accupacks, inverters or generators, only the proper quality and the optimized size of your components make you happy customers.

Only the components within a tailormade system will work together with the highest efficiency.

Therefore we rely not just on our own long term experience in designing tailormade solutions, but also work together with very well-known and capable partners.

Inverter is not equal to the inverter and the battery is not the same battery!

This wisdom is not new but it is in the selection of system components used important than ever.

Improper selection of the battery bank, after a few months already lose your capacity in operation or even cause an explosion!

A false inverter in your backup system can destroy your TV or your PC in seconds or restrict its function.

The right choice of the individual system components is our duty to guarantee maximum safety and durability of the new system. We can help you to develop a concept individually and deliver. Feel free to also rely on our specially trained installation partners in Germany.