Backup with PV-system

Support by the sun

 An additional PV system generates a separate power independent of PHCN.

  • during PHCN service it reduces the necessary power to recharge the accus
  • during blackouts it prolongers the timespan of your accus

Depending on the size of the PV system and the time and timespan of blackouts even here the backup power will be down sooner or later.

Under the backup link you have already learned about the function of bi-directional inverter system.

Here you will see an improvement in Pic.3 way to make this system more durable and efficient. Through the use of one or more solar panels and solar charge controllers, you will receive a new parallel power supply, the bright times of the day

The battery pack and loads in the event of a blackout actively supported. At the same time there is a reduction in energy costs because not only the energy comes from the mains of the electric utility to the load, but also from the PV system. In the calculation of the charge controller battery system voltage and the battery capacity should be considered.