Power supply

Uninterrupted means

Your supply has to be continuously without blackouts every day

  • PHCN is not able to provide this
  • PV without and wind power plants can only work within an uninterrupted power grid

Therefore today you have to work with diesel generators;

  • starting diesel generators during blackouts means accepting blackouts and covering these times with expensive diesel
  • running 24/7 diesel generators means no blackouts for you but exorbitant high costs.

Sufficient means

You always have enough power available to meet your demand:

  • your installed capacity (generators or PV-modules) has to be large enough
  • Beside that you need enough “fuel” to power these systems:
    • Sun is always shining in Nigeria
    • Diesel is more or less available
    • Natural gas is highly available in Nigeria

Affordable means

The “fuel” prices to power the different kinds of power generation is

  • For PV power                        0 NRN/kWh     as sun shines for free
  • For wind power                    0 NRN/kWh     as wind blows for free
  • For diesel generators         65 NRN/kWh     at 165 NRN/l 
  • For gas generators            18 NRN/kWh     CNG supply for 75 NRN/m³ 
  •                                           10 NRN/kWh     pipeline supply for 40 NRN/m³ 
  • For PHCN                            21 NRN/kWh     until your next blackout


  1. Compared diesel and PHCN prices (65 NRN/kWh to 21 NRN/kWh) it is understandable to switch from PHCN to diesel during blackout. A continuous 24/7 diesel operation is exorbitant expensive.
  2. Therefore so far you had to be prepared to suffer from blackouts. Generating your electricity just with gas generators minimizes the production price difference or is even cheaper than PHCN. So you can separate completely from the national grid and build your own standalone grid based on gas generators.
  3. For smaller applications you can use PV systems with backups for applications of up to 30kW, where you store power during daytime and use it during night or blackout.
  4. UPS (backup) systems store power when PHCN is working and releases it during blackout.
  5. larger PV systems without backup can be installed after your “private” grid is running smoothly.

All kind of power generators work in some kind of system, the electricity grid. The kind of grid, kind of power generators and kind of your demand define the size and components of a system meeting your personal demand. 

All components we deliver to Nigeria are especially designed to cope with your whether criteria of 40°C and 90% humidity.