Solonic GmbH is a German based company specialized in renewable energies. With more than 10 years of experience in this relatively new field we belong to the big players in our business.

Our mission is to operate always on the highest level of technical knowledge driving the business of renewable energies.

In 2012 we have been approached by Nigerian friends. They told us about the developing PV-business in a country where the sun always shines. They explained us that you are desperately looking for an uninterrupted sufficient and affordable power supply as your national grid is much too small.

With this information we visited Nigeria in January 2013 intending to provide renewable energies like PV and windpower.


We visited different locations and met for example

  • Federal Ministry of Science & Technology: Hon. Prof. Ita Okon Bassey Ewa          
  • Lagos State Government: Hon. Com. Engr. Taofiq Ajibade Tijani          
  • Bureau of Public Enterprises: AG. Director General Benjamin Ezra Dikki
  • Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment: Hon. Dr. Samuel Ortum          

We realized that the key to success is to build an electricity grid which provides you an uninterrupted power supply. Only based on this it is possible to use renewables like PV and wind in a sensible way.

As PHCN is not able to provide a stable national grid, the solution for you is to establish your own “private” grid by running your own electricity grid with an affordable “fuel” instead of diesel and completely separate from PHCN.

During this trip we inaugurated Solonic Nigeria Ltd. our first African daughter, located at TBS in Lagos.

Back to Germany we developed a technical concept to implement

  • gas generator systems for larger applications,
  • PV-systems with backups for applications of up to 30kW and
  • UPS (backup) systems to store power and to release it on demand.

During our next trips to Nigeria in April and July 2013 we did successful research on

  • Natural gas availabilities
  • Different ways of gas supply (as CNG or with direct Pipeline access)
  • Your national power supply grid

and met many very interesting persons,